12 Questions to Ask Before the Construction of an In Ground Pool

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Pool contractor NanaimoThe temperature’s on the rise this summer, and it could reach record breaking heights. Everywhere one goes they seem to be coated with a thin layer of slime from sweat and smog from the forest fires up north. It seems that the haze of smoke has created a humid barrier between us and what one is normally used to on the island. Perhaps, it makes going for a dip in a pool sound even more enticing.

What would be more enticing than escaping the smog and the heat in one’s very own in ground pool?

For all one knows, that nest egg that’s been accumulating in the savings account for the past few years is for one’s very own in ground pool just like from a movie set in the city of angels, Los Angeles.

Well, the team at Calais Spas Pools and billiards understand that not every Vancouver has big movie-star money, and believe it or not one doesn’t need it to have their own movie star in ground pool.

The team at Calais has one top priority, to make the greatest contribution possible to the health, safety, and welfare of their customers and the public in the installation, maintenance, and operation of swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.

Now, taking the plunge into the construction of an in ground pool should not be taken lightly, and that’s why Gary Barber & Murray Renner,pool contractor owners of Calais, encourage their customers to ask as many questions as humanly possible.

Here are a few questions one should ask themselves before construction starts:

  1. Why does one want a swimming pool?
  2. Who is going to be using the pool?
  3. Is one’s yard suitable for construction of a pool?
  4. Where will the pool be located?
  5. What dimensions, shape, and design is one considering?
  6. What special features is one interested in for their pool?
  7. What other backyard amenities does one want? (This one is important because one may have to comprise in other areas, pool or amenities. Sometimes it is wise to sit down and do a vague sketch of one’s backyard to figure out how much space will be left and is there space for everything one desires.)
  8. What materials are going to be used in the construction of the pool? Are they going to serve one’s family best?
  9. Is the pool going to be easy to maintain?
  10. Is one going to have the time to do the maintenance a pool requires?
  11. Has one looked into pool options that require the least amount of maintenance?
  12. Who will build the pool?


Question number twelve can be one of the most important. The owners of Calais pride themselves in the ongoing education and certifications of their team/staff. A few of those certifications make them qualified to handle the construction, installation, and servicing of one’s pool are:

  • Certified Level 2 Pool/Spa Technicians
  • ~ Certified (AFO) Aqua Facility Operators
  • ~ Certified (CBP) Certified Building Professionals
  • ~ Certification by world renowned Lowry School of Pool & Spa Water Chemistry

An in ground pool shouldn’t be a disastrous experience, and Calais is here to help it become a memorable experience.

Call Calais Spas Pools & Billiards and ask us all the questions one desires, and know that we’re going to be there through every step of the process.


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