Welcome Cathe to the Calais Courtenay Team

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20170712_210333Meet Cathe; she is the new store manager for the store in Courtenay on Vancouver Island. If you stop in for any spa, pool, or billiards related needs during the week, she’ll be happy to assist you with whatever your inquiry may be. She’s knowledgeable about all Calais products and in fact, “I bring commitment, enthusiasm and a love of Canadian product, “ Says Cathe.

She can help you maneuver through the store or navigate through the supplier catalogs to find what you need.  A customer can feel at ease knowing that the manager is on the floor with them running water tests and maintaining the quality of Calais’s products.

Cathe is enjoying how refreshing it is to work for the small business owners, Murray, and Gary, versus working for a large corporate company.

“I love supporting local, so working for them is easy.” Says Cathe.

On her days off she enjoys being outdoors, hand making jewelry (silver snipping), and she loves walking on beautiful Vancouver Island. Yes, she’s a fellow islander and outdoor enthusiast.

Next time you’re in Calais in Courtenay, please don’t be afraid to say hello.

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