Importance of Keeping Your Spa Water Clean and Tested

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Buying a spa for the first time can seem like information overload. There’s so much to take in; so much to learn!

Here are a few tips that beginners and every spa owner should know.

First off, a spa should be drained, cleaned and refilled with fresh water at least every 6 months. If the owner is using it more frequently do this cycle earlier like every 90 days to 4 months. It can make more sense to drain the water in the spa frequently versus adding chemicals regularly to keep it clean. Also, it could save the owner money in future on spa chemicals if they just frequently change the water.

Regular testing of a spa’s water is extremely important. It’s recommended to test the pH and sanitizer levels a minimum of three times per a week with a test kit or test strips. It’s wise to carry out these tests if the spa is being used more often. PH and sanitizer levels are two of the most important readings.


Levels that are too low can cause corrosion to take place in pipes, filters, pumps, and other components of your spa.

Levels that are too high lowers the effectiveness of the sanitizer being used. When the effectiveness of the sanitizer is lowered bacteria, and 10algae can grow. Essentially, it becomes a cess pool.


Chlorine and Bromine are two of the most common sanitizers used in spa upkeep.

High bather load, high water temperature and the aeration caused by jets all contribute to deterioration in sanitizer. Therefore, as any of these activities increase, increased test frequency and additional sanitizer will likely be required.


Filtration of water is a big part of the condition of spa’s water.

Make routine checks of the filter to ensure that it is clean and free of any major debris. A filter clogged with debris will affect its performance. One should run their spa filter a minimum of 2 hours, twice per a day (note that this is for light use).

2Here’s a quick walk through on how to clean a spa filter.

  • One should remove the cartridge and clean it with the house hold garden hose.
  • Then, using a soft brush dislodge any debris that remains on the filter.
  • Rinse again.
  • Soak the filter in cleaning Calais’s cleaning solution.
  • Rinse and allow time to dry.
  • Then, reinstall the filter.

Tip: one could be prudent by having an extra filter on hand which would mean one could still enjoy using their spa while the filter is being cleaned, think ahead.

Calais understands that people want to be spa owners and they don’t sign up to be a chemist. That’s why they offer free water testing for their customers at both their Nanaimo location their store in Courtenay.

Before taking the plunge, be prudent and do the research on the maintenance of your desired spa. In a way, spas are like pets and need attention.














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