Annual Pool & Hot Tub Chemical SALE on now at Calais Spas & Billiards in Nanaimo

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leftIt’s time to get the pool ready for summer.
That means making sure the water balance is correct and having the right chemicals for that.
Consumers will save big with the annual spring chemical sale at Calais Spas which runs May 16-31.

“It’s the perfect time to top up your supplies for the upcoming pool season,” says owner Murray Renner.

Calais Spas carries many types of chemicals that can be used for the pool and hot tubs as well.
There are three main types of chemicals required – sanitizers for keeping the water clean and disinfected, oxidizers to kill algae and bacteria and water balancers for the proper ph level.
The most popular sanitizer is chlorine, the oxidizer is an algaecide to kill algae and water balance is achieved with calcium as well as one to increase alkalinity or neutralize chlorine.
The proper alkaline balance is achieved by raising or lowering the ph levels which would be determined by proper water testing.

Renner says adding calcium to pool water is important as it’s part of proper water balance.
“If the water is too soft, it will eat up all the equipment,” he explained.
Calcium also makes the water comfortable for swimming and maintaining a proper water balance helps with health and safety.

Specialty chemicals include enzymes, phosphate removers, stain removers, clarifiers, metal magnets and others. right

Renner says the number of chemicals needed for a pool depends on a number of factors such as the neighborhood it is located in, the number of bathers using it and other variables. It also varies from season to season.

This is why it’s critical that Calais provide professional testing of the water to ensure a proper balance of chemicals.
“Water should be tested at the beginning of the pool season and at least once a month,” says Renner.
Calais carries a line of environmentally preferable ‘green’ pool chemicals that have been through a third-party certification system.
These are high quality factory direct chemicals that make cleaning and operating a pool much less expensive than anticipated.

Water safety with the right chemicals in addition to the spring chemical sale makes getting the pool ready so much more enjoyable.

The hot tub chemicals are on sale at the same time as the pool chemicals. Renner says free water testing by Calais should be done when the hot tub is first filled up and monthly after that.

Homeowners can also test the water themselves either daily or at minimum once or twice a week.
Regular filter cleaning is also an important part of pool or hot tub maintenance.
This again depends on how often the pool or hot tub is used and how many bathers are using it. The recommendation is every one to three months.
It’s why the test is done so pool and hot tub owners can get the best advice from experts who have the training and expertise.
That advice is tailored specifically to the water and hot tub or pool itself. It’s critical to make the right decisions. Get your free water testing and take advantage of the chemical sale this spring.

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