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The months ahead are cold and have people inside for most of the duration except for the occasional sled break or dip in the hot tub out back. Luckily, one invested in a quality billiard table from Calais Spas Pools and Billiards. So, one grabs there treasured pool cue and makes their billiardsway to the table to practice their shot. They look down and see the rough condition of the felt on the slate and start to panic on how they will ever make it through the winter without playing a beloved game of billiards! If one is a do-it-myself kind of person, here is a guide on how to re-cloth their well-used billiards table.

The first and most used method of reclothing to the slate is stapling. However, one’s slate must have a wood backing for this method. If one’s slate is backed, there will be ¾” lining of wood directly underneath the slate. If not, gluing the cloth to one’s slate is the next best option. Either method will work well.

  1. First, stretch one’s cloth lengthwise down the table. Staple the cloth on the end by starting in the middle and working one’s way to the outside. Usually, staples are put about 2 to 4″ apart. Go to the other end and pull the cloth, starting in the middle, as hard as one can. It is important to get the cloth as tight as possible as one can. Once the cloth is fastened in the center, one can start working their way to the edge. Pull the cloth with equal stretch on each pull. Consistency is important here. An inconsistent stretch at this point may cause the balls to wander or do unexpected maneuvers when playing–an undesirable trait of a pool table.pool table repair
  2. Second, one can now start on the longer sides. Start in the middle and work one’s way to the end. Be careful not to pull too tight on the first side; this will leave your other side too short. The most important things to remember when stretching cloth is tightness and consistency in the stretch. When using glue, use the same method as above. Spray the adhesive (3M Super 77) about five inches in from the edge of the table. Only do one end at a time. Also, spray the same edge of the cloth. Two edges with glue go together much better than one. Wait for the glue to get tacky, about 30 seconds, then press the cloth to the slate. Go to the other end and do the same thing.
  3. Third, When the cloth is secure, use a razor blade to cut holes in the cloth where the rail bolts will come up to the rail. There are three holes between each pocket. Use your finger from the bottom up to find the right hole. Never try and find the hole from the top down. Some tables have more than three holes on the top. A cut in the wrong place may ruin the cloth for the whole table. Once the holes are done, the pockets are ready to be cut.


Is one sweating bullets after reading the process of re-clothing? Well, lucky for the customers of Calais Spas Pools and Billiards, Calais offers a re-clothing service for billiard tables. Yes, that’s right they will do it for you! Give them a call before the snow land locks you and have your billiards table re-clothed and ready for the winter days ahead.

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