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When a person decides to build a game room, it can sometimes serve them best as a getaway, escape, a place of peace away from technology; in most cases, a game room becomes all of the above. The reign of electronics has replaced good old fashioned ways of bonding and passing the time.

It’s time to break free from the grasp technology has on one, and go back to leaning on pools cues around a billiards table filling one another in on the updates of one’s life. All of the cigar and cigarette smoke doesn’t necessarily need to come back, some things are better left in the past, but the social interaction most definitely  to make a comeback. games room

If this arouses one’s curiosity, interest, and creativity than Calais Spa, Pools, and most importantly BILLIARDS is here to save the day. Yes, Calais offers many amenities for a game room.

The game of Billiards is ancient and can be played in many ways. There’s good old fashioned 8 ball, 9 ball, snooker and much more.

Billiards not one’s forte? Calais understands, and that’s why their stores stay stocked with many options for people building a game room.

Long for a game of Texas Hold’em, but don’t want to endure the environment, noise, and chaos of the casino?

Why not just invest in a poker table of one’s own?

That’s right; one could enjoy the soft touch of velvet under their hand as they get ready to throw down that monster of a hand down and claim that growing pot off of the table in the comforts of their own home or even the garage; wherever one desires to build their getaway.

What’s more entertaining or interactive than a good game of darts?

Think about the camaraderie one can have with a friend while escaping the heat or cold, knocking back a bottle of suds, or well-deserved cold one.

darts roomDarts will forever be one of the most interactive, competitive game room activities. It is an activity that keeps one off a seat and on their feet, literally. It’s easily learnable and believe it or not playing darts can improve one’s hand-eye coordination due to the high amount of accuracy and precision involved in the game.

Another hand-eye coordination building game that is sure to tear one’s young ones away from screens is the famous game of table tennis or more commonly known as ping pong.

Forrest Gump, if this name draws a blank view more films by the actor Tom Hanks, will be the first to tell a person how easy the game is to pick up and addictive. In fact, “I played ping-pong so much, I even played it in my sleep,” said Forrest Gump.

Calais Spas Pools & Billiards has one of Vancouver Island’s largest selections of pool tables, dart boards, billiards supplies, and game room supplies. They also sell Ping-Pong tables, Shuffleboard, Beer-Pong and Poker Tables, and related parts and supplies. They provide billiard table repair and maintenance and provide delivery.

The team at Calais Spas Pools and Billiards can help one create an unplug zone free of the distraction of electronics and help family time become family time again.



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