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WCloseYourPoolell, it is that time again. The days are becoming shorter, and summer’s light is starting to dissipate as we Vancouver Islanders start the transition from summer to fall, and then to winter!

For pool owners, this is a good time to start preparing their pool for the upcoming seasons, and for the new pool owner, here’s a guide on how to shut down a pool for the season. Fortunately, when one door closes another opens and the closure of one’s pool just means it is spa season.

Here are some tips on how one can prepare for the colder climate that is growing nearer as September ticks away.

  1. One will want to adjust their pH to 7.2-7.8 to prevent stains, scaling and the growth of algae. Then, shock the pool using directions on the label of the shock treatment.
  2. Next, a person should try and run the filter for 24-48 hours.
  3. Upon running the filter for 24-48 hours, remove floating debris that is left over and vacuum
  4. Add an algaecide to prevent algae from forming before the water freezes.
  5. Extremely important, follow the pool manufacturer’s directions for lowering the water level in the pool. There are only a few pools that need to be drained completely during the winter, so it is of great importance that one explicitly follows the directions. Many pools can handle cold temperatures better when partially filled with water, while a drained pool can crack pool closingor pop out of the ground because of pressure from ground water.
  6. Now, it is time to shut off the pump and drain it as well. If there’s a heater, it should be filtered and stored in a place that will prevent freezing a long with any other equipment that will not fare well in the harsh transition from season to season.
  7. At this point, one is now ready to turn off all power to the support equipment. To ensure the power is off, remove fuses or turn the circuit breakers to off.
  8. If there is any additional equipment or accessories, such as a diving board or slide, dismantle it for the season and store where applicable.
  9. The pool should be covered and filled with water bags halfway. The edge of the pool cover should be sealed so that wind does not get under it. Ensure that the pool cover one has is of a quality standard and resists water, weather and the pool chemicals that are used for pool maintenance. One will want a cover that will fit tightly and will keep out leaves and airborne dust that come with a change in the seasons.


Pools are an investment in the owner’s well being. They are meant for bringing families closer together for much-needed family time or gatherings and get togethers will colleagues.

What ever the circumstance, and whether one lives north or south, closing down a pool is essential to increasing the life span of the pool.

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