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Fall is some people’s favorite time of year. The air has a crispness that lingers; the leaves change colors before our eyes like chameleons trying to blend into their surroundings, and then they eventually take the plunge from the branch they use to call home to the ground.

There is another pleasant sight that comes with fall though, and it is the small waves of steam rolling off the bubbly water of one’s hot tub. That is right! It is hot tub season! Vancouver Islanders know this season well since the fall in winter months here not just on the island, but British Columbia wide can be frigid.

Below are some tips on for fall hot tub season care from the friendly staff here at Calais Spa Pools and Billiards.

  • System––It would be prudent to pick a day in either the end of October or in November to purge the system of the hot tub whichcoast spa means not just a drain of the tub and refill. This action should allow one to make it through the brisk of winter months without having to replace the hot tub water until the weather has taken a turn for something a little warmer.
  • Clean/Protect Hot Tub Cover––A person can significantly extend the life of their hot tub cover by regularly cleaning it and applying protectants to protect it. In turn, this will help protect it from molds and mildews, but it will also keep the material it is made out of (most likely vinyl) soft and docile.
  • Suggestion, clean the underside of one’s hot tub cover with a half-and-half mixture of distilled water and vinegar. Using ordinary household cleaners could result in leftover reside from its application, and in turn, that residue could make it into the water. These chemicals could turn one’s hot tub water foamy.
  • Extra Filters––Having additional filters on hand this time of year could prove to be prudent. No one wants to be outside cleaning hot tub filters in the blustery rain and frigid winter air. So, make sure one has spares on hand so the change out can be quick and the dirty ones can be dealt with later.
  • Water Tests––Given the temperature outside, the use of one’s hot tub could spike. This means the water should be tested more frequently to accommodate the amount of use it is receiving. One should use test strips to make sure their chemicals are at the appropriate levels, and they should make small adjustments according to the results of the test strips.

If one should want to seek advice on fall hot tub preparations, they could just stop by the Nanaimo or Courtney store and talk with the knowledgeable staff at either location; they are there to help!

Calais has one more tip for the hot tub owners:

  • Relax––You have worked hard for that hot tub. This one is a no-brainer; get in your spa and let the worries melt away with the help of the massaging jets.


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