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When making the decision to buy a hot tub or spa, features and accessories can be a big part of the final decision if not the final say in the comox valley hot tubpurchase.

Owners Murray and Gary of Calais Spas Pools and Billards understand that and offer a selection of different features in their hot tubs in their Nanaimo and Courtney store locations.

“Some of the spas have certainly changed over the years,” said Gary.

hot tubs comox valleyStandard spa comfort accessories and features that come with any model consist of plush headrests, beverage holders, anti-slip textured floor, ergonomic seating, multi-level seating, large footwells, programmable filtration, luxury filter grates.

If having an adequate place to rest your beverage while you go for a relaxing soak in your tub is what you’re after, perhaps the convenience of the Coast Connect Lit Waterfall Table in the middle of the tub should suffice.

Find yourself longing for a cozy patio spa for after work or social gatherings, but not sure if it will be right for you.

What are the standard features for the patio spas?

Standard features that come in all the patio spas range from carbon fiber digital hot tub controls,

stainless steel jets, and to keep up with the ever-growing demand for technology a person can now control or adjust water temperature, activate jets and toggle lights on and off through their touchscreen devices or smartphone.Hot Tub Reference Guide

What about if I’m looking for a more traditional spa; what will come included with it as standard features?

Today’s contemporary, traditional spa from Calais Spas comes with dual water blade adjustable waterfalls to help the customer enters a state of tranquility from the gentle flow of water over their shoulders and the soothing whisper of the water as it glides from the water blade back into the rest of the perfect temperature water.

What could be more contemporary or user-friendly than a touchscreen interface to control everything one would need to with their spa? That’s right, not only is it touchscreen just like your Android device or iPhone,but it has a ring around the outside of it that illuminates the same as the rest of the spa.


Whether you suffer from severe arthritis pain and are seeking one of the Wellness spas for its hydrotherapy purposes, or you desire a Wellness swim spa because you’re more of an activist and long for hydro exercise, but do not want to pay big money for a pool, Calais Spas has thought of everything when it comes to their Wellness swim spa series. swim spa

The Wellness I (One) was also developed in partnership with the Arthritis Research Center of Canada’s Consumer Advisory Board to directly target ailments associated with arthritis and improve the day-to-day life of those who suffer from a potentially debilitating condition. A dedicated massage therapy seat packed with jets becomes an ultimate hydro-massage. Accessories can include stainless steel handrail for easier entry, center stability handrail for low impact stretching and exercising, and textured footing so the user can feel confident

If you happen to be looking for an all sports model that’ll help you to burn off a few calories before bed, or before you start the day, the Wellness V Swim Spa could be the one for you. It offers the opportunity for great hydro exercise. The River Jets produce a strong current to swim against and while the swim area, being gigantic, allows you space to swim without feeling claustrophobic. When working out, it is important to keep the cool down in mind, so the Wellness V comes equipped cool-down station complete with massage therapy seats is perfect for after your swim.

Whatever the need or desire, Calais has the spa to match it.

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