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Water has always been made more fun with the addition of glorious bubbles. The transformation has always made plain water into a bubbly mass of fun and entertainment. Although it can bring back fond childhood memories, foam or bubbles in a hot tub are isn’t what a hot tub owner wants when they go for a soak in their tub.

A foam accumulation strays away from the goal of having crystal clear spa water. Now this can happen from time to time, and it is something that can be easily corrected, so do not fret. A foam build up is generally not harmful, and it comes from extra product and total dissolved solids in the water. Hot tub foam can also happen as a result of water being full or even old. When the jets of a comox valley hot tubhot tub are turned on, the water will cause foam to appear on the surface of the water.

What can cause Foamy Hot Tub Water?

  • There are several products that when added to water can cause a build-up of foam. Everyday things such as spillage from drinks, soap, laundry detergent left on bathing suits, deodorant, cosmetic makeup, hair products, lotions, and shampoos and conditioners can create a formation of foam in one’s hot tub water.
  • The culprit of foamy hot tub water could also be low calcium levels (water hardness) which can decrease the surface tension in one’s hot tub water. This will, in turn, allow for excessive foaming. Low calcium levels (soft water) can be damaging to the hot tub or spa itself. Low levels are, however, rare and one need not adjust those levels in a spa regularly.

Critical Note – When filling spa or hot tub up, do not fill it with soft water as it can have many negative effects. (If a person has one, turn off the water softener as this will increase foaming in a hot tub).

  • Unbalanced water can cause a variety of issues and can cause a hot tub or spa water to turn a greenish tinge, smell awful and will turn water foamy. A hot owner should test the water on a regular basis to ensure all levels (alkalinity, pH, sanitizer) are in the balance where they should be.


Tips on Preventing Foam

  • Before indulging in a tub soak, it would be prudent, in regards to preventing foam, to shower before use (note: take notice of how public swimming pools and other public facilities like chemicals hot tubschools will prompt a customer to shower before they go in).
  • On the same note, showering before using will aid in the prevention of anything that has latched onto the body such dirt, sweat, lotion, deodorant, and cologne making it into hot tub water.
  • Bathing suits should be checked to make sure that they are washed, rinsed, ad clean before entering the hot tub. A bathing suit fresh out of a washing machine and dryer will contain detergent deep in the fabrics.
  • The use of cheap or inferior chemicals can lead to foamy hot tub water. Although it can become pricey, one should always try to hold out and get the quality products from their local shop (like Calais Spas Pools and Billiards in Nanaimo or Courtney).
  • Creating a habit of opening one’s hot tub cover overnight will help prevent the eye soring foamy water too. When the cover is regularly opened, the hot tub water has the opportunity to breathe, and precious oxygen is introduced into the water.


How to Correct Foamy Water

  • Start with testing the hot tub water with an approved water testing strip.
  • The hot tub should be shocked, at least once a week, using an approved quality chlorine free spa shock to treat organics in the water. At this time, it would be a good idea to leave the hot tub cover off to enrich the water with the precious oxygen that it is longing to absorb.
  • A defoamer product (anti-foam), can be a quick fix to this However, it is only a temporary solution and in a sense a patch fix. Yes, the foam will subside for some time but unless the necessary precautions are taken the dreaded foam will make a comeback. Then, the hot tub owner is back at square one.

If a person has any questions regarding foamy hot tub water, just come into Calais Spas Pools and Billiards to ask the knowledgeable staff. They are there to help!

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