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Your outdoor swimming pool is a great source of family entertainment, however can become stressful to handle when green pool water occurs. Green pool water and murky or cloudy water is one of the biggest complaints among pool owners. At Calais Spas and Billiards in Nanaimo, we can help you rapidly fix your pool water problems.

There are many causes of algae growth in pools that may lead to green pool water. Our certified pool professionals will give you step by step instructions to correct this. We provide you with free water testing for your pool or hot tub. You can take advantage of this free service to fix green pool water problems right now. Some of the causes of green pool water include:

Algae blooms
Metals in water reacting with sanitizer
Fine suspended particles floating in the water
Very Low or High pH
Using ineffective or poor quality sanitizer
Bather Pollution
Filtration Problems

Like most pool problems, the key to avoiding green pool water is simple: regular weekly pool water testing for proper pH and primary sanitizer levels and then addressing imbalances promptly. At Calais Spas and Billiards, our priority is your uninterrupted enjoyment of your pool this summer. Contact the experts today to fix your green pool water problems.

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