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The key part of keeping a hot tub properly maintained is having the right balance of chemicals.

“Number one is chemistry,” says Murray Renner of Calais Spas and Hot Tubs. “They must keep their hot tub balanced paying attention to the sanitizer, ph , alkalinity and calcium.”
The way to determine that balance is frequent water testing.
Calais Spas and Hot Tubs offers free water testing and Renner says a water test should be done as soon as a hot tub is filled with fresh water.
“It’s very critical to have the test done at the start as it changes down the road,” he says. “The water changes week to week, neighborhood to neighborhood,”

Renner says hot tub owners should be home testing at least twice a week.
“They should be getting it professionally tested monthly, which is just basically getting it tuned up. By having it tested regularly, we can predict when they’re going to drain their tub and refill. It takes the guesswork out and makes it scientific.”

Renner says on average hot tubs should be refilled every three to four months. If it is not done when needed, it can be very hard on equipment, the heater and possibly cause a pump failure.
“They should routinely inspect the equipment area of the spa,” says Renner. It’s like looking under the hood of your car, so everything appears functional.”
Hot tub equipment does work harder in cold weather and as people use hot tubs more in the cooler weather, the water should be tested more often.
The number of people who use a hot tub can also have a large determining factor in how often chemicals are adjusted.
“Bather load is a big factor,” says Renner.
The square inches of skin plus litres of water multiplied by the temperature is basically the rough equation for determining the right amount chemicals along with water testing.
“That’s how we figure out the bather load,” says Renner.

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