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Want to enjoy the hot tub more?

Then make sure you follow proper maintenance techniques to ensure everything runs smoothly.
The first step when filling up the tub is to make sure the water is properly tested. right
Calais Spas offer free water testing so that hot tub owners can be sure the water has the right ph balance.
Free water testing by Calais should be done when the hot tub is first filled up and monthly after that.
Homeowners can also test the water themselves either daily or at minimum once or twice a week.
It’s why the test is done so hot tub owners can get the best advice from experts who have the training and expertise.
That advice is tailored specifically to the water and hot tub itself. It’s critical to make the right decisions for health and safety.
Having the right chemical balance will keep the water free of algae, bacteria and other unwanted impurities.
Hot tub owners can take advantage of the chemical sale at Calais Spas for pools and hot tubs that runs May 16-31.
The right chemicals is often a mix of sanitizers, oxidizers and ph balancers.
Sanitizers kill bacteria that tend to grow in the spa, a ph balancer to ensure the correct balance of acid and alkaline water and an oxidizer to remove impurities.
Regular filter cleaning is also an important part of pool or hot tub maintenance.
This depends on how often the pool or hot tub is used and how many bathers are using it. The recommendation is every one to three months. Replace the filter if it is cracked or frayed or still looks dirty after cleaning.

leftFor the outside of the tub, ensure that important elements like the cover are taken care of properly.
The cover is usually vinyl and exposed to heat and sun. Make sure it is always clean and dry and use only vinyl cleaner for the top of the cover.
Spray the underside with clean water from a hose and allow to dry, preferably on a warm, sunny day.

The shell of the hot tub is a non-porous surface and can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Check the shell or cracks periodically and remove any debris.
Correct maintenance of the hot tub will reduce expenses down the road and provide many hours of pleasurable enjoyment.

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