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rsz_murray_profile_picture_1Meet Murray Renner; he is one of the owners of Vancouver Island’s quality spa outfit Calais Spa Pools and Billards.

Murray and his family moved to Nanaimo in 1994 to start the business and has made the lives of many Nanaimoites since then happier and more peaceful through the business. Before he packed up and moved to the island, he worked as a fleet lease rep on the lower mainland.

What’s the passion that drives Murray in his business?

“The entrepreneurial spirit and striving to be better every day,” Murray said. Murray’s pursuit to be a better day in and day out grants him the opportunity to learn something new every day.

“I just really like what I do for a living. I consider myself lucky, and I’m excited to come to the office every morning because it’s going to be fun,” Murray said when asked about where is daily motivation comes from. Calais is a very high-paced environment, and the team looks forward to the challenges that are presented.
Murray is an outdoor enthusiast, and in the summer months, he can be found traveling around the Vancouver Island with his wife and dog in their camping trailer. He’s a family man and a lot of times he is joined by his kids and their beloved ones. As well as camping, Murray’s favorite activities playing a few holes of golf, and hitting the ice for some curling.

At home, Murray’s wife enjoys spending time in the garden so more often than not the two of them spend time at home together gardening.

When it comes time for the winter months, Murray chases the sun south and heads to his favorite spot in Mexico. The Mexico trips are never long enough though since Murray is always busy enriching the lives of Vancouver Islanders.

Next time you’re in Calais Spas Pools and Billiards, and see Murray, say hello to this fellow Vancouver Islander.

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