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leftThere are some exciting new styles to look for in hot tubs that will make using them more healthy and enjoyable

Those in the market for a new hot tub have two popular styles to choose from.
One is the vanishing edge hot tub which has a waterfall effect that blurs the line between the edge of the hot tub and the horizon.

This gives the effect of the water going off the edge into the horizon, which makes this particular hot tub a great choice for anyone who has property with a view.

The newest type of spa that is particularly popular is a swim spa. These are popular for people who don’t have room for a pool or want to install a pool but still like to swim.

Swim spas are generally eight feet wide and 11 feet long or as long as 19 feet.
It has a current that one swims against and comes with exercise equipment so exercises can be done in the water. This provides a low impact form of exercise that prevents inflammation of the joints and is much easier on the body.right
The exercise equipment allows a person to tether themselves in place so they can accomplish their exercises and freely swim in place.

Swim spas are currently the biggest growth in the pool and hot tub industry as one can use them as small swimming pools, as a hot tub or a combination of both.
One type of swim spa has a unique attachment for a hot tub which is a perfect alternative to a dual zone swim spa. The triangle shape of the hot tub connects into one end of the swim spa so one can easily move from one to the other.

Some swim spas also come with a vanishing edge which makes swimming in one feel as if you might be heading towards the edge of Niagara Falls. Of course, you never do because the water pushes you back.

Another type of hot tub is a Curve Spa which has a 24 inch waterfall that is adjustable and is a delight to sit beside or under.



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