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There is nothing like the sight and sound of water flowing.
Now hot tub lovers can enjoy their view and enjoy the water in a Cascade Spa with an infinity edge.
It’s not  just another hot tub.
It’s one where users enjoy many benefits, regardless of which one of the five spa styles they choose.
Whether it’s the Edge, Phantom, Cascade II, Horizon or Wellness Infinity, there is something for everyone.

Great View
All of the Cascade Spas provide an unsurpassed view with the disappearing infinity edge.
“They’re originally designed to imitate a vanishing edge pool, so if you have a view property it doesn’t limit the view,” says Murray Renner with Calais Spas.
Depending on the configuration, a customer can choose the Phantom design for a corner view, the Edge for a smaller space, the popular Horizon that suits everyone or go all out and get the Wellness Infinity Swim Spa.
This portable hot tub can be installed almost anywhere with no additional plumbing required but with the high end luxury normally associated with a hot tub installed on site.

Quality Designright
Each hot tub is designed to exacting standards to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and climates.  A series of diagnostic and performance tests are performed on each spa. These spas also have two unique attributes – zero water displacement and the largest most efficient skimmer available.
“The water level stays the same no matter how many people get in,” says Renner.  “It refills itself.”
Whether there are four or eight people, the spa is designed to refill resulting in less chemicals used and less energy to reheat the hot tub.
The skimmer used removes debris quickly and efficiently, replacing the ‘bobbing telescope’ skimmers. There is also no filter grate and no need for a filter cartridge.

Standard Equipment
All hot tubs have standard features such as plush headrests, safety lights, beverage holders, hydro cyclonic cleaning and smart phone remote control ready.
Depending on the type of spa, some have extra jets, water fountains and waterfalls.
The most popular design in Nanaimo is the Horizon which has two water fountains on either side plus the largest waterfall even installed on a spa.  The seating allows something for everyone – deep massage chairs, oversized comfortable lounge seats or open love seats.
“It’s the most popular seating configuration size,” says Renner.
Customers can view the Horizon currently on display at the show room.

If you are interested in a hot tub on Vancouver Island or a hot tub in Nanaimo, visit Calais Spa & Billiards today.

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