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Owning your own billiard cue can increase your confidence, accuracy, and enjoyment of the game. On Vancouver Island, you will find a wide variety of affordable pool cues and snooker cues at Calais Spas & Billiards. Whether you’re buying cues for the kids, or are a seasoned pro yourself, we can help you find the perfect pool cue to fit your needs.

We proudly carry cues from well-known brand names such as Cuetec, Master Speed, Pitbull and McDermott. Our selection of Master Speed cues includes affordable one-piece maple cues that are perfect for home use. Jump cues, bridges, and short cues for younger players are all available. When selecting a cue for a beginner, heavier cues are recommended as they require less precision and stay on line longer. For the more experienced player, two-piece cues are the industry favorite and come in a variety of styles, tip sizes, and weights.

Come into our showroom to see the selection of pool cue styles available. Billiard cues make a great gift for the pool player in your family. Our staff pick is the Element cue by McDermott that features F2 Dual Fiber Core Technology that utilizes multiple strands of thin carbon fiber, overlapped and reinforced with resin fiber-polymer. This combination makes them incredibly strong. The Element cue also features an adjustable weight system making it the perfect gift for the billiard player in your family.

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