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A person’s hot tub is an investment into their well-being and as well as an entertaining addition to their home. Carrying out regular and proper maintenance will ensure a person gets to enjoy it for many years upon after their initial purchase. The info below will elaborate on making the necessary adjustments to keeping one’s spa in an operational condition through cold island winter months that lie ahead. Alternatively, shutting down a spa during the cold months is always a viable option. Both possibilities will be discussed below.

Closing the Spa Down for the Winter
Despite some lot spa owners saying that they enjoy using their spa during the winter months, some must leave town due to work or the 2015-patio2-withsteamholidays. Here’s a step by step guide on how to close down a spa for the winter.
1. Power down
One will be emptying their spa of water and performing additional maintenance on it, so the heater and spa mine as well be shut off.
2. Emptying the Spa
The spa owner should drain the spa of all its water. Empty the air blowers, if one’s spa is equipped with these.
3. Clean Filters
Remove filters and place them in a spa approved cleaning solution. One will want to keep the filters in a dry and warm place for the duration of being out of the hot tub. This is an opportunity to clean the filter basket as well.
4. Loosening Fittings
If one’s pump housing has drain plugs, simply just open them. This is an opportune time to either rent or fish out the shop vac so that additional water left inside the fittings can be expunged and removed.

5. Blow Jets
Water can, and will, get trapped in the jet plumbing system and will damage the hot tub if it freezes. It is imperative that as much of the water be drained from the hot tub as possible (if not all). The expansion of water when it freezes can be fatal to a hut tubs plumbing.
6. Keep the Shell Clean
The hot tub is empty now, so as the owner take advantage of this opportunity and give the entire basin a good and much-needed cleaning.
7. Cover it up
Once all is said and done, it’s time to put the cover back on the spa and make sure it is locked down tight. This will protect the spa during the harsh winter months that lie ahead on Vancouver Island.

winterize hot tubOperation of a Spa During Winter
It can be concerning the cost associated with running a hot tub over the winter, but one should relax; if an owner has properly maintained their spa, keeping the spa operating during the savage cold of winter can be cost-efficient.
Once again, here are a few simple steps to help a spa owner prepare their spa for winter.
1. Drain/Clean the Spa
Before the brisk winter at hand, one will still want to give their spa a cleaning session. Drain the spa, and give it the thorough cleansing it longs for, which includes all vents and filters.
2. Refill the Spa
After the cleaning has been wrapped up, refill the spa with water.
3. Activate Freeze Protection
If one’s case is that they live in a very remote cold climate, a spa should be run at the F3 “standard” mode/setting if applicable. A sensor will monitor the climate and periodically run the pump when the temperature drops below a certain level, preventing anything from freezing.
4. Keep Spa covered
When the spa is not in use or being used, ensure that the spa is covered and locked tightly down. This will help in the cost-efficiency of running a spa during the winter.

Everyone loves relaxing in their spa and watching as the snow starts to fall. Maintain the spa and sit through the winter in the comfort of warm bubbly spa water.

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