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A good quality spa cover can last up to 5 years if it is taken care of, but what if it isn’t? Is your old spa cover so full of water that it is difficult to lift it off with two people? Is one’s cover getting mouldy? Is it ripped or torn?

These are sure signs that the cover should be replaced, as it can cause future damage to both the spa and the cover lifter (if one has a cover lifter). A normal cover will weigh approximately 27kg (60lb), but when waterlogged can weigh up to 91 kg (200lbs)! At this stage the cover isn’t operating at its potential, and could possibly be losing its ability to retain heat. Being well into Vancouver Island’s winter, a lack of heat retention can prove to be problematic and equate to a spa owner paying more to do their spa being less energy efficient. As the cover provides the most insulation for the spa it should be maintained as best as possible.

A replacement spa cover from Calais Spas Pools and Billiards prevents excess evaporation, helps conserve water, and prevents dirt and debris from falling into the spa that could clog the hot tub filters. A quality, well-maintained cover will save a spa owner money in the long run and make their journey as a spa owner a much more enjoyable experience.

So how does one know when it’s time to chuck out their old spa cover and buy a new one? Like any object exposed to sunlight and weather calais spas pools billiards nanaimo time, covers for hot tubs will eventually show signs of wear, but what’s normal and what’s not? We recommend inspecting your spa cover monthly and watching for these warning signs.


Once a hot tub cover loses its insulation value, it can wreak havoc on an energy bill. Dry, brittle vinyl can crack, and affect heat retention and water cleanliness; torn hinges can create openings for heat to escape. However, if one notices their electric bill is starting to creep up, prevention tricks may not be able to help; it may be time to replace the spa lid sooner than later.


If puddles form on the spa cover when it rains, that normally means it has broken or bowed foam cores. Once a cover begins a gradual puddle, it can be hard to prevent it from getting worse. If it is caught early, one can flip the foam cores over to extend the life of a cover. If the puddle have taken over, it may be too late – it may be time to replace the spa cover.

hot tub coverODOR

There’s no ignoring it – a foul odor is a sure indicator that one is in need of a new cover. Not only does the foul odor make time spent in the spa less pleasant, it can also indicate bacteria or mold growing on the inside of the hot tub cover.


When a previously lightweight spa cover is too heavy to lift, one will need to replace it. A heavy spa cover means that the core has taken in moisture and is losing heat. This can affect an electricity bill, and prevent one from regular hot tub usage. If one purchased their cover from Spa Cover Warehouse, the 5-year warranty might cover this replacement, depending on how the cover became water-logged.

Call us today to be sure that your cover qualifies.

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