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I want a hot tub but I am the only one in the home who will use. Everything that I have seen on the market is much larger than what I want or need. Does anyone make a small, 1 or 2 person hot tub?

Coast Spas makes a small 2 person hot tub called the Tublicious that is perfect for use by up to two people at once! The Tublicious packs all the features and benefits of a traditional hot tub into a compact unit designed to be used anywhere!

Is there a warranty on the Tublicious hot tub?

Of Course there is! Every Tublicious comes standard with a 2 year equipment, acrylic and shell warranty. Come see the helpful staff at Calais Spas, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island for detailed information on the Tublicious.

Do I have to get an electrician to install my Tublicious hot tub?

No electrician is required, which means no added electrical costs! All you need to install your Tublicious is a level surface, and a dedicated 15A wall receptacle! The GFCI is built in to the cord so all you have to do is plug it in to the wall, push the reset button on the cord GFCI, wait until you see the red light (this light indicates the tub is ready to use), fill it up with water and enjoy a soothing soak in a hot tub of your very own!

Can I install it indoors?

Absolutely! The Tublicious was designed with versatility in mind and fits through most doorways! If you plan to install your Tublicious indoors, make sure that the room is protected against any water splash and has an adequate dehumidification system installed.

Do I have to use chemicals to treat the water?

Yes. As with any hot tub, proper sanitation and water balance is required in order to protect you and your investment. The experts at Calais Spas, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island offer free computerized water analysis and a full line of chemicals to help you keep your water safe and in pristine condition!

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