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Enjoy your backyard oasis this summer without the stress of broken glass around your pool or hot tub. Strahl unbreakable glassware is available at Calais Spas and Billiards in Nanaimo and we guarantee the lowest price on Vancouver Island. Strahl beverageware is manufactured in New Zealand from the highest quality polycarbonate ensuring both pristine clarity and reliable durability.

Everyone will rave about your elegant glassware and you can relax poolside knowing it is safe for all ages. Only polycarbonate provides the glass-like look and weight that provides both safety and style while entertaining.

Polycarbonate has some unique properties and requires slightly different handling to standard glassware. Follow these simple steps to ensure your Strahl maintains its crystal clarity:

  • Avoid stacking your Strahl Glassware whilst carrying or storing. Polycarbonate products, like diamonds, are incredibly tough so will scratch other polycarbonate products if allowed to rub together.
  • Wash your Strahl glassware in warm soapy water either in the dishwasher or by hand to remove residues from juice, milk, stout etc. Avoid using any abrasive brushes that may cause scratching.

Avoid buying cheap plastics that won’t stand up season after season. We buy factory direct and offer high quality products at the absolute lowest prices. Strahl beverageware offers you unbeatable durability and style that will make entertaining poolside this summer a breeze. Come into our showroom to see the high quality and attractive glasses available from Strahl.

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