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The ancient game of billiards can be played in many ways while adding a great feature to the home.
Depending on the size and type of table, there are a myriad of games people can play. The most common is 8 ball but there is also 9 ball and snooker.
“These are the most commonly played games,” says Murray Renner of Calais Spas and Billiards in Nanaimo. “Nine ball is huge in the states. It’s played fast,  it’s an easy game to gamble on.”

Table Sizes

Billiard tables come in a variety of sizes depending on what game is being played. The most common size is the 4 x 8 regulation 8 ball table.  It fits nicely into most rooms and the game is well known to most people.
The next size is a 4 ½ by 9 which is used for a nine ball table.  After that the next is a 5 x 10 which is used for a regulation 3 ball billiard table.
The 6 X 12 is the biggest size which is used for regulation snooker tables. It requires a massive room so it is more likely to be used in legions and pool halls.
“It’s rare we see a 6 x 12 in a home,” says Renner. “You need a 20 by 40 room.”

Types of Tables
Once a table size is chosen, the next choice is the type of furniture used to design the table.
There are lots of choices in colors and furniture. There are different styles for the rail and legs, depending how fancy one wants to get, though some people will stick with what they’re comfortable with in traditional pool.
“A lot of people still go with the old classic look – dark brown, English green cloth,” says Renner.
“It’s the color a lot of us grew up with at 18 years old.”
He says Calais Spas and Billiards can offer many varieties in color and furniture choices for those who are more adventurous.
“We do everything and anything, even did a pink one once. It wasn’t a Mary Kay rep.”

Family Bonding
Choosing a billiard table is often a great way to enjoy bonding with friends and family, especially as children become teenagers.
It also becomes a more enjoyable way to experience Christmas and other family events as now there is something for the kids to do.
Having a pool table is also a great way to keep an eye on the teenagers as they can now have their friends over to play a game or two.
“A lot of people are looking to do it with their kids,” says Renner. “If the kids are in their teens, they all like to hang at your house.”
Purchasing a billiard table can also cut down on entertainment costs as now there is an enjoyable way to pass the time at home with friends or family besides watching movies.

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