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Hot tub owners know that they will have to replace the cover on the hot tub at some point during the life of the spa. What they may not know is that their cover will require replacement, on average, every 4-5 years. For a long-term owner of a hot tub, that could mean 5 new covers in a 20 year span, and with an average replacement cost of $500 per cover, that’s a lot of money!

Over time, traditional hot tub covers absorb water, becoming very heavy and reducing the energy efficiency of the hot tub by allowing heat to penetrate through the cover. Calais Spas and Billiards in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island is offering the entire COVANA line of covers, an amazing and innovative solution to the problem of replacement covers!

Calais Spas and Billiards loves the COVANA, and we know our customers will too! Wondering why we’re so excited about it? Check out our favorite features that the COVANA offers:

  • The COVANA is COMPLETELY secure, meaning that no one can EVER access your hot tub, unless you want them to!
  • No more heavy lifting! With the simple turn of a key, you can open or close your COVANA cover and spare yourself a sore back!
  • The COVANA offers cover from the elements so you can enjoy your hot tub in all weather conditions!
  • The COVANA has optional privacy screens and shades offering consumers the best in privacy and seclusion!
  • The COVANA is environmentally friendly! Our landfills receive roughly 1.2 million covers every year. Instead of replacing your hot tub cover every 4-5 years, the COVANA will last the lifetime of your spa!
  • The COVANA completely seals your hot tub, keeping bugs, leaves and dirt out, and saving you money in heating costs and chemical loss due to evaporation.

Visit Calais Spas and Billiards showroom in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island to see the COVANA in action! Come see what all the fuss is about!