Are Time Machines A Good Investment?

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With a hot tub you’re not only investing in a home spa, you’re also investing in a time machine.  Well, maybe not quite like what H.G. Wells had in mind.  But when it comes to creating a work-life balance, time becomes our currency by which we create value in our lives.  A positive investment will not only add value to your life, but will also add time.

When you think of a hot tub you might be thinking about having a good time with family or friends, that BBQ where you relax under the stars, thetime machine jets in the tub helping to digest your meal.  Or, maybe bring the warmth of the tropics home.  A staycation every night with a relaxing soak while you picture yourself in a tropical paradise without all the hassle of traveling and tourists.  Perhaps you’re thinking of the amazing health benefits a nice soak will do to ease tense muscles after a workout and then melt the day’s stress away.  And as an added bonus, a good quality hot tub can add value to your property which will add time and money to your life if you decide to sell your home.

A good investment not only takes time and dedication, but will reward you with so much more.  When you consider owning a hot tub you still have to consider the upkeep of water filtration and sanitation needs, electricity to heat the water and run the pumps and jets and the maintenance on cleaning and water quality testing.  Now, maybe if we travelled back in time that might be a concern, but nowadays with all the advancementnaniamo hot tubss made, today’s premium and luxury hot tubs are designed to be energy efficient and run with minimal effort.

Always do your research when looking into adding a hot tub to your life.  There are many sizes and varieties.  Do you want one which will only look good in the present, or do you want one which will take you into the future?  Are you looking to only cozy up with a loved one, or is your home where everyone comes to hang out?  And don’t forget to consider the weather.  Will your hot tub be outdoors or indoors?

Creating a work-life balance is key to healthy living, and finding the right investment which will add value to your personal well-being is like operating your very own time machine.  And a hot tub is a lot more comfortable to time travel in than a TARDIS.

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