10 Cool Things for Your Pool
August 31/2021

These hot summer days, having your own backyard pool is a great addition for you and your family to enjoy. But you can make your pool even better! Here are 10 things you can add to your pool and backyard to elevate your pool experience and turn your backyard into your very own oasis.

Water Features

Looking to impress your neighbours, or want the relaxing sound of a waterfall? Adding a water feature will help enhance the look of your pool and make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation surrounded by nature and waterfalls. Plus, your kids will love jumping through a waterfall or rain curtain, and splashing around in a fountain! The best part is, water features are easy to install and the size can be adjusted to match any budget.


Every pool needs an inflatable — it’s not time in a pool without one! Inflatables are perfect for if you're looking to relax on the water with a book or a fruity summer drink. Floating reclining chairs are perfect for the next best thing to relaxing at the spa. If you’re a fan of taking photos for Instagram,  you can even get novelty inflatables like pizza slices, avocados or unicorns for those social media moments — plus they’re fun for the kids. Floating picnic tables let you take your snacks and beverages with you, or even waterproof board games for those days when you really need to cool off.

You can even take your inflatable additions to Hollywood heights by combining your love for movies and swimming and have a movie night with an inflatable screen! 


Adding cool things to your pool is not just about what’s in your pool, but also what’s around it. Turn your pool area into your own oasis by adding pool furniture that will not only keep you lounging for hours, but also create the perfect conversation area when you want to take a break from the water. Pool furniture is perfect for those days you just feel like lounging around, or even if you're looking to host a pool party. Today’s selection of pool furniture is large, comfy and inviting, with durable materials that stand up to sun (and wet legs!). 


What’s a pool for kids without a slide? Slides are perfect for elevating the fun factor of your own pool, especially if you have kids. With this simple yet fun feature that turns your backyard into a private waterpark, you will have a hard time getting your kids out of the pool! Calais Spa tip: to install a slide, make sure you have enough concrete deck space. 


Adding lights to your pool can help boost your yard's appearance at night and keep the fun going when the sun goes down. You can get LED lights of different colours and shades that really transform your pool space, and you can consider an LED lighting system for your whole backyard. You can also get floating pool lights or orb lights that float right on the water for additional ambience, and which also help illuminate the water when it’s dark out.

Floating Pool Speakers

Nothing elevates the pool party experience more than music. Now, you can bring the music right into the water with floating pool speakers and listen to your favourite playlist while relaxing in the pool!

Backyard/Pool Games

Pool and backyard games are a great way to entertain your family and friends for hours. You can find games tailored to each age group on our list of favourite pool games. From portable beer pong to bucket toss in the backyard, plus games played inside the pool, your guests may never want to go home.

Fire pits

Perfect for creating a sense of coziness, or even a great way to dry off after jumping out of the pool, fire pits add practicality and ambience to your backyard. You can enjoy a summer night by the fire with your friends and family, or even cook hot dogs and smores together. And with a fire pit, you can continue the poolside fun well into autumn. 

Entertainment deck

The options are endless with an entertainment deck, as it allows you to experience fun both inside and outside of the pool. Set up a barbecue, games, a TV or a games table to keep the fun going even when it's time to get out of the pool.


Turn an average looking pool area into something spectacular and make your backyard oasis dreams come true! We think it’s more fun to swim in your pool if you have the perfect landscaping and something pretty to look at! Even simply planting trees and shrubs not only gives you privacy in your pool, but also boosts your yard’s overall appearance.

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