5 Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool
December 22/2020

Owning a swimming pool should be a stress-free experience and a way to unwind from your day. But as much as we love our pools, we also love our planet, and we want both to be in a happy, healthy environment. The good news is, keeping your pool easy on the environment is also easier on your wallet in the long run! Here are 5 tips on how to have an eco-friendly swimming pool.

Recycle rainwater

It’s no secret that pools require large amounts of water — even with a good pool cover, some water evaporation is expected. Let nature do the work when it comes to your eco-friendly pool and use natural means, like rainwater, to top up your water level!

So when it comes time to refill your pool, allow natural rainwater to fill it instead of a hose. If you require more water than a downpour can provide, purchase a rainwater diverter that can be attached to a downspout. Many diverters have filters that will clean the water of dirt and debris before reaching your pool. This is a fantastic, eco-friendly way to fill up your swimming pool — and save yourself some time and money!

Make sure to check your chemical levels after you’ve added the rainwater water.

Keep your swimming pool covered

An uncovered pool can result in water, heat and chemical loss - none of which are good news for mother earth or your utility bill. Fortunately, there's an incredibly simple solution - cover your pool. By investing in a good pool cover you can reduce water evaporation by 97%, which means using less extra water to keep your pool full. In addition to reducing water evaporation, a pool cover will also prevent heat loss and prevent animals from falling in. It only takes a few minutes to put a cover on your pool, keeping your pool warm and clean between swims and helping the environment along the way. You can even take it one step further and look into a solar pool cover. Solar covers will not only prevent water loss, but also actively help to heat your pool. These covers can be used on their own or in conjunction with other heating systems. While a pricier investment at first, a solar cover will pay for itself in roughly four years and save you money in the long run.

Surround your swimming pool with landscaping

Creating gardens using native plants and shrubs around your pool not only beautifies your swimming space, but also has eco-friendly benefits. These plants and shrubs will act as wind-breakers, which will slow the evaporation rate of the water. Just make sure to place your gardens far enough from the pool to prevent dirt and debris from falling in. 

Another eco-friendly way to make your swimming space more inviting is by using solar powered lighting around the pool. The ambience of the gardens and the lighting will make it a zen space for you day and night—with the perk of being environmentally friendly!

Clean and maintain your pool

For the investment of a swimming pool to last, you have to take care of it! First of all, skim skim skin! Regular skimming and removal of debris, dirt and leaves in the pool will reduce the amount of work your filter system needs to do, which in turn creates an increased need for chemicals to compensate. Keeping your pool skimmed not only keeps it looking beautiful, it will help save you money on chemicals and electricity while helping reduce harm to the environment. Checking on your pool equipment regularly also ensures you're using energy efficient equipment that is not harming your bills or the environment! As always, Calais LeisureScapes is here to help you with your pool maintenance if you're having trouble taking care of your pool.

Use the right equipment

Does your swimming pool equipment have the Energy Star Logo? If not, it’s time to replace it — old parts could be decreasing the energy efficiency of your pool system and driving your hydro bill up. 

For water and cost savings, install a cartridge filter instead of backwashing — much like a solar cover, this comes with an initial price tag but the investment will pay off. A cartridge filter saves up to 500 litres of water each month, plus they are easy to clean. 

For energy and cost savings, use a variable speed pump — traditional single speed pool pumps are energy hogs. Although they are less expensive to purchase and work effectively, they can account for almost as much of your energy bill as your heating or air conditioning! A variable speed pump can save up to 90% of the energy compared to a variable speed pump, leading to increased energy efficiency and cost savings. Pro tip: check for potential rebates from your energy provider as a result of changing to a variable speed pump. 

The key to an eco-friendly swimming pool is active maintenance, using the right equipment, and making your pool space an ecosystem that not only keeps your costs down, but is easy on the environment as well. You’ll enjoy your pool even more knowing that it’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

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