7 Need to Know Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy
October 13/2020

Spas are a great place to relax and entertain guests. They are perfect for bringing your family & friends together. They also improve your quality of life in ways you may have not considered. Hot tubs are a great way to connect you to the world around you, whether you're staying up late to look at the stars or waking up early to watch the sun rise, they are a great way to let stress around you go. While you're relaxing in your hot tub, you may be getting more benefits than you realize. There are many positive health effects hot tubs provide and we want to share them with you.

Better Sleep

Hot tub therapy is a great way to warm the body. When the body is warm you will notice you will tend to fall asleep quicker and sleep better throughout the night. Hot tubs achieve this by relieving tension in your muscles thus allowing your body to relax. The heat from the water will improve your circulation which can reduce inflammation and soothe sore muscles. The less tense you are the easier it will be you to fall asleep.

Stress Relief

Our body faces stressful conditions in our everyday lives. This includes both mental and physical stress to the body. Hot tubs are a great way to relieve the build of daily tension. Hot tubs have been shown to stimulate your endorphins in the same way a workout session does. Your spa gives you the same positive effects of exercising without actually having to exercise! When you enter your spa all your worries about calls, appointments and deadlines will be pushed aside, and all you will be thinking about is the hot water and how good the jets feel. This sensation contributes to the release of endorphins in your brain, which can help boost your mood.

Soothes Arthritis Symptoms

Joint conditions and chronic pain can have a significant impact on your everyday life. It’s hard to find effective treatments that can help alleviate pain. For arthritis, one of the recommendations you always hear is hydrotherapy. The way this works is the warm water from the hot tub will increase your circulation and the buoyancy will take the pressure off your joints and muscles allowing them to relax.

Improved Range of Motion

As we age our range of motion starts to decline. This is  due to multiple factors such as genetics, activity level, injuries and various medical conditions, including arthritis. Incorporating hot tub sessions into your daily routine will help improve your range of motion. The warmth and buoyancy of the hot tub helps your muscles relax and reduce inflammation, which aids mobility. While soaking, you can take advantage of the relaxed muscles and induce buoyancy to practice stretching exercises that help improve your range of motion.

Help Lower Blood Pressure

While it may not be recommended for some people with high blood pressure, occasional hot tub use can actually be beneficial. Soaking in warm water can cause your blood vessels to dilate slightly, helping reduce overall blood pressure. The link between high blood pressure relief and hot tubs appears pretty stable with verified blood vessel dilation. Make sure to consult your doctor before use.

Weight Loss

You may think this sounds strange, but it’s true. Hot tubs can help assist in weight loss management. Soaking in warm water can help you burn calories, it may not be much but it does help. If you incorporate a soak into your weight loss regimen, you can see a big difference and the relaxation can help you stay focused and motivated to achieve your weight-loss goals.

Healthier Skin

You may be thinking, how do I get healthy skin from hot tubs? Well why scientific studies are still debated. It’s believed that the warm water will help open your pores and cleans them, but it’s also said that it will help remove toxins from your skin.

How to choose the best spa for therapy

Shopping for the right hot tub to provide the right therapy can be a daunting task. Hot tubs provide three main benefits: heat, buoyancy, and massage. Each model is built differently, and some are designed to be more suited for therapy than others. How do you know which one is better suited for therapy? The answer lies in the massage benefit. To experience the full therapy benefits of a hot tub, you will need one that gives a good massage. To find a spa that delivers a truly therapeutic massage, here are three things you need to look out for.

Proper Jet Sizing

This all depends on what muscle you are targeting, but essentially the bigger the muscle, the bigger the jet needs to be. This is so that your muscles can get massaged properly. Your back, for example, contains large muscle groups, especially your lower back. Jets that are designed to massage your back should be as large as possible.

Proper Jet Placement

Jet placement is very critical. With improper placement, the jets will not be able to target your muscle groups effectively, thus not giving you the optimal therapy you are looking for. When you search for your spa, make sure you find a design that will be optimal for your therapy.

High Flow Pumps

Forget the horse power, the real stat you need to know is the flow rate of the pump. Power is simply measured by the amount of electricity the pump uses, and flow rate measures the amount of water it can move. The more water moved, the stronger the massage.

There is so much to love about owning a hot tub. Having a spa where you can relax and entertain, while receiving all the health benefits of hot tub therapy is truly amazing. To help you find that perfect spa, At Calais LeisureScapes we carry industry leading spas & hot tubs that are suited to your therapy needs.

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