How to Easily Fix Foam in Hot Tub Water
April 07/2020

We all like a good bubble bath, and even find them relaxing. However, every hot tub owner knows it’s a very different story when your hot tub starts foaming up! “Why is it doing this?” “How do we fix it?” “Is it safe to go in?” These are all common questions, and Calais Leisurescapes is here with the answers, and the solutions!

The first thing to do is to test your water, either with strips and drops at home or by bringing in a sample to your friendly neighbourhood Lesiurescapes store. Common causes of foam include low chlorine or bromine levels, low pH, or low alkalinity. Does your foaminess only start up when the jets are running, and die down almost instantly when you turn them off? Then a few simple additions of the same chemicals you use to maintain the balance normally may make it disappear just like magic!

If your strips or drops tell you everything is fine chemically, then the most likely culprit is manmade chemical in the water. This is especially likely if the foam is discoloured, or lingers for a long time even after the jets are turned off. Skincare and haircare  products, sunscreens, lotions, or even detergents on bathing suits may cause this sort of foam. Products like IPG Foam Out or Pure Logic Foam Away can help get rid of this kind of foaminess. Just add a few millilitres, following the instructions on the side of the bottle, and watch as the problem vanishes almost instantly! Just remember: these products will not solve underlying issues in water chemistry, and the best bet to avoid either kind of foam is to keep your water balanced, to have bathers rinse off before using your hot tub, and to wash your bathing suit without detergent.

When in doubt, call or visit us at Calais Leisurescapes. We’re here to solve these exact sorts of problems, so you can get back to relaxing and enjoying your tub!

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