Types of Billiards Tables
February 19/2021

Colder temperatures mean more time indoors, but that doesn’t mean that time has to be boring. Bring some friendly competition into your life with a billiards table! Adding a pool table to your home game centre doesn’t have to be complicated, or a luxury expense. There are many types of billiards tables available in a range of prices as well as sizes to suit any room in your home. In this blog, we’ll break down the different kinds of pool tables available by size, material and other additional features so you can shop billiards tables with confidence.  



Standard-size pool tables are usually around 8 feet or 2.5 metres long. These are a perfect size for a home game centre, as they have room to play 8 ball or 9 ball games, and you can easily maneuver around the table, practice your trick shots or work on your defense. A standard size pool table is great for a novice or pro alike. 


A large pool table is meant for the pros and requires a lot more skill and technical know-how to play on. It also may be too large to fit in your home, but if you’re serious about pool, a large billiards table is a good investment.


The “mini” classification of pool table encompasses sizes from just half a metre to 1.5 metres long. If you’re playing with kids, a mini table around 1.5 metres is a great option, and it also fits better in small spaces. A pool table of that size is still playable and a great way for your littles to grow their skill. When the pool table is half a metre long, this is usually a table top set up for the billiards aficionados to have at their office for a bit of harmless fun — not meant for a serious game by all means, but a fun present to give and receive.

Surface material 


If you aren’t planning on moving your pool table around, slate is a great option for the material of a billiards table surface. Slate is a solid rock for your pool table’s surface and it will never warp or become uneven so you’ll have a perfect playing surface for decades to come. But as it is made of solid rock, it needs a sturdy floor beneath it and can be very difficult to move. Slate billiards tables also come at a higher price point.

Slate alternative

A pool table using a slate alternative material instead of pure slate will be sturdier than a wood surface, but not as sturdy or reliable as pure slate. Over time, the weight of the rails may cause the table to warp, causing the ball to roll to the rails instead of staying put. They will last longer than a wood surface, but are not as high quality as a pure slate table. 


Wood is more lightweight than slate, so is easier to move and doesn’t need as sturdy of a floor beneath it. However, wood is more prone to warping so your billiards surface won’t stay perfect forever. Wood surfaces are common on pool tables that are good for families with children, since kids won’t be as sensitive to the changes on the surface as an adult.


Plastic surfaces are usually reserved for tabletop pool or convertible billiards-air hockey tables. They’re a great surface for children, but most adults won’t appreciate the plastic surface for a serious game of pool.

Surface fabric


Polyester may look great on your pool table and comes at a lower cost, but it does tend to wear out faster. Polyester is often used on outdoor pool tables, but if you have an indoor pool table with a polyester surface, keep an eye on how it is holding up and be prepared to replace it from time to time.


Also known as “woolen cloth”, felt is made from at least 60% wool and is thick, heavy and long lasting. Eventually the fabric may pill which can cause some interference with your game, so is perfect for the casual pool player. 

Worsted wool

You will immediately notice the difference playing on a billiard table covered in worsted wool. This fabric lasts a very long time, doesn’t pill, and your balls will move faster than on any other surface. Worsted wool surfaces come at a higher price tag, but will improve your game significantly.

Other features

Drop pockets vs auto-ball return

The feature of a classic pool table, drop pockets are when you reach into a leather or vinyl pocket to retrieve your balls. If you’re wanting that classic look, a pool table with drop pockets is the way to go. But if you’re looking for convenience and want to speed up your game, a pool table with auto-ball return gets your balls back to you quicker without having to maneuver around the table.


Drawers built into a pool table help you to keep your billiards accessories organized and out of sight when not in use, freeing up storage space in your home. Built-in drawers make for easy start-up and clean-up of a game. 


If you want to enjoy your games outside, you can’t just use any pool table — you need to purchase a table that is meant for outdoor use so it can stand up to the elements of water, wind and dust. Outdoor pool tables are usually made of lightweight aluminum that resists rust and is easy to move, and the surface felt will be UV resistant. 

With so many options and types of billiards tables, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs and is perfect for your home. Check out our selection of billiards tables today and contact us if you have any questions!

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Mike: - 04/16/2023
Hoping to find a good used 4’x8’ pool table for a new games room. Room is 16’x30’.

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Informative and engaging post! https//www.sawyertwain.com/blog/the-5-best-outdoor-pool-tables-to-upgrade-your-patio/

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